Rabbit Tracks (February 13, 1855)
Thoreau, Henry David
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February 13, 1855
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Scale not given ; 42.437804, -71.337286
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"In the same place were many great tracks of white rabbit. The earliest, made while the snow was very soft, were very large and shapeless, somewhat like the marks made by snow falling from the trees. More recent ones had settled and broken the slight crust around them, leaving a large indentation. The distinct track was like this: [image] the front tracks, which are largest, being about two and a half inches in diameter, and the whole track of the four feet often one foot long. These impressions so slight (though distinct) it is hard to realize that so heavy an animal made them."
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PE 9, pg. 184 / 3 Sept 1854 - 12 May 1855 / NNPM MA 1302:24 / T vol. # XVIII / PDF # XIII
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Animal tracks
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