Mice Tracks (February 12, 1855)
Thoreau, Henry David
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February 12, 1855
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Still image
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Scale not given ; 42.441304, -71.339925
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"Set a trap in the woods for wild mice. I saw where they had run over the snow, making a slight impression, thus: [image] the tracks some five inches apart, frequently with a very distinct mark of the tail. These tracks commonly came together soon and made one beaten trail where two or three had passed, or one several times; as if they had hopped along, two, three, or four in company. The whole trail would be five or six inches wide."
Source Information
PE 9, pg. 181 / 3 Sept 1854 - 12 May 1855 / NNPM MA 1302:24 / T vol. # XVIII / PDF # XIII
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Animal tracks
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